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The Department Council is the Department’s planning and management body. It approves the objectives, the evaluation criteria and the three-year plan. It divides the recruitment needs into different scientific sectors and annually plans the recruitment needs for new professors, lecturers, researchers and technical-administrative staff to ensure the development of research projects and the range of courses, as well as the financial needs connected to them. It organizes and manages not only the research and teaching activities but also the teaching staff and researchers involved.

The Departmental Council is composed of:

  • the entire teaching body
  • representatives of technical-administrative staff
  • representatives of research fellows and postgraduate students
  • representatives of PhD students
  • student representatives

The Director represents the Department and chairs the Council. The Executive ensures the respective resolutions are carried out. The Director is responsible for the Department’s level of research, the standard of teaching together with the so-called "third mission"; in relation to this, it can appoint its own delegate with specific tasks.

The Director appoints at least two Deputy Directors of the Department and assigns the role of Deputy Director to the Deputy Director of Teaching or to the Deputy Director of Research.

The Department Board supports the Director, makes proposals and carries them through.

The Commissions for Teaching and for Research are also established within the Department.

Committee Board Head of department: Prof. Stefano Carossa
Deputy Director of Research: Prof. Mario Morino 
Deputy Director of Teaching: Prof. Elio Berutti

Full Professors

Associate Professors


Technical and administrative staff

Reasearch Technical Staff

Deputy Directors

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